George Washington 2016

If George Washington was still alive, with all his same beliefs and opinions, would he be elected into office? Watch the video to find out! We will cover three things

  1. Political Views
  2. Opposition sprung from the voting system itself
  3. Issues regarding criticism and mockery

-Omar Abdelhamid


One thought on “George Washington 2016

  1. Wonderful idea to analyze whether Washington would win the election or now.

    Nevertheless, why wouldn’t any Donald Trump supporters support George Washington? Why would George Washington run independently? Wouldn’t he have other ideas about current affairs supporting Republicans or Democrats? If not, then wouldn’t he run like Donald Trump, choosing a major political party when he may not fully support it?

    All in all, the video was colorful, interesting, and very well made. Your ideas stimulate the mind. Keep up the good work!


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