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Our goal is to provide a child’s perspective on many seemingly adult topics to both make these issues presentable and understandable for other children and provide a new perspective for adults.

This site is run by Omar Abdelhamid and Eugene Toth, two 14-year-old boys studying at a school in New York. The site is home to many different kinds of critical and analytical articles, about literature, economics, politics, science, and math, written from a child’s perspective.

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Omar Abdelhamid-


Omar Abdelhamid is a 14-year-old boy studying at Trinity School. Residing in Flushing,NY, Omar is interested in human psychology and philosophy, and writing in general.

Eugene Toth-


Born in Austria, Eugene writes about chemistry, physics, and biology.   Eugene resides in Flushing, New York.  There, he has studied Mandarin for 10 years.

Theresa Teng-


Theresa Teng is one of our artists. She is the creator of our logo and is in charge of most of the artwork being created for our posts on the Portfolio.

Cathy Chen-


Cathy Chen is our co-artist for the site . She is a 14-year-old girl who enjoys writing novels, practicing Shotokan Karate and painting. She loves reading fantasy novels and is in the process of writing one full-length novel and two short stories. A winner of multiple art contests ,she is happy to finally have some of her works online.


Drew Morris (New)-
Drew is a thirteen-year-old seventh grader at Trinity School. His favorite subjects are Math, Geography, History, and English. three-sport sport athlete, and he is very a serious and dedicated  Basketball and Lacrosse player. He enjoys writing in his spare time, and he believes that it is a great way to escape from what is going on around him. When he gets older,he would like to receive his diploma from Duke University where he would play Basketball and Lacrosse and either play as a pro athlete, a Sports Journalist ,or a Writer.


If you want to tell us anything email:

Eugene at Eugene@infiniteinitiative.org

Omar at Omar@infiniteinitiative.org

Or fill out the form located above


Thanks in Advance! Your feedback is encouraged, and necessary!


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