Men of Sod

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Who are these men of sod

Lucky if spotted with ungrown seed

Whose broken bones

are, mixed with plight, now stones

Men, these men launched a degree too far

And chose the wrong second to slip away

And though the sod is hard to see through

Lord, these fools are mortals too!


Omar Abdelhamid



Art Showcase, Authors, Omar Abdelhamid, Poetry


I’ll set a bridge

In a flowing gleaming stream.

Beside the tallest tree

Will be my sky-scraping towers.

And I’ll lay some concrete

And stone blocks

Amidst your flowery jungle crops.

Until my juxtapositioning makes it so

That we are one

And That WE are beauty

That WE are art

-Omar Abdelhamid

Les Contes d’Hoffman, an evening with Offenbach

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by Eugene Toth

On February 28, 2015 the Metropolitan Opera presented Les Contes d’Hoffman, three short and striking operas by the composer Jacques Offenbach.

In 1819 Jacques Offenbach was born the son of a synagogue cantor in Cologne, Germany. The young Offenbach began his career as a virtuoso cellist. Until that time, most composers wrote long and complicated operas lasting several hours. Offenbach pioneered short operas, simple and easy to understand. He broadened the appeal of opera. Offenbach grew so famous that the Emperor Napoleon offered him French citizenship.