I Know Everything About a Stranger

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I Know Everything About a Stranger

Two strangers
unbeknowst of one another
chanced a meet at crossroads;
and with millions upon billions of possibilities
destiny wove the threads of their lives together.
Learning of one another’s
but viewing them as perfection.

If I recall
Six months, three weeks, and five days ago
you told me you were lonely;
Four months and two nights ago
a call voicemailed your fears;
Exactly one month and two weeks ago
your frown lines showed me you fear I’d stopped loving you.
I didn’t find it
How could I judge when I felt the same way?!

Only seventeen days ago
we had a midnight picnic
staring into the cosmic abyss;
comparing our love to the endless array of stars and the ever-growing space.
Falling asleep in one another’s arms
feeling protected
(almost) content.
–How could it be that
so quickly everything has changed?

Walking past you
pretending you weren’t there
everything we did,
all that we ever had
was shattered glass no one bothered to put together back,
a wilting flower on its last breath,
a burned book turned to ash

But I still remember everything about you
as if I’ve known you my entire life.
Your scent
the way you dressed
your silhouette;
the little things
your counterfeit smile when you said you weren’t sad
–and I could still list over a hundred facts on you off the top of my head,
if anyone asked.

It was supposed to be forever
because Fate made us bump at crossroads
because of our unspoken promises
because our minds were the same.
So I fixed your insecurities
but what did i gain?
Your gray world into a rainbow
but how come my world hasn’t changed?
..I’m left alone again.

-Theresa Teng


whispering night

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Whispering night

A whispering night

Silences itself to life 

Until normality 

Having long been the rhythm of the sun

Sets and is but a whisper

And the cold trickles up the veins 

When the buttress of the fragile soul 

Breaks and drops it’s  child

And not the dark

But the dimming light is seen

With squinting

” let it live ” is cried

And the light does push so gallantly for life 

Till the final desperate flicker and the  end

Puts it to rest at last 

And sight excludes it 

And when the mind is pressed and the night is dark and the music is soft but deadly 

A child quickly falls and falls and falls


-Omar Abdelhamid 

On the Elements of Love

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by Omar Abdelhamid


To encompass the benefit and the reason for the survival of love in humans, one can describe all forms of “Love” as the basis of all motivation. The reason for doing anything that has ever been done is love.

We can further break down love into 3 different forms.

One kind of love is loving something for what it has done before. Another is loving for what it is doing. And the last is loving for what it can do.

All these forms are similar, despite being listed in the dictionary as three entirely different definitions of the word love. Because all three types of love is giving very passionately because there is something that can, is, or has been given to you before. You love because you were given or will be given and you are grateful. So love is in a sense gratitude as well.

These categories seem vague at first glance, so it would help to provide examples for each kind.

Black And White

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by Omar Abdelhamid

What do you consider blank?

If someone was to ask you to draw or express something blank, what would you draw?

Would you take an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of computer paper and not draw anything? Is the paper blank? White reflects in all light and absorbs none, so is the paper blank because it is free of absorbed color?

Or would you color the paper in pitch black? Black reflects no color and absorbs it all,making your eyes see no color. So would the paper be visually blank?

What does blank mean?